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August 1991 - November 2001

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ec-199108-028 August 1991 2 Plain Wrap Performance features a 1978 Scirocco with nothing plain about it. This 140 hp Techtonics powered rocket was built by an old company called Plain Wrap.
ec-199110-038 October 1991 3 Nasti Scirocco features Paolo DeCuto's Mk1 Scirocco with body enhancements by Zender and Kamei, along with 120hp under the hood.
ec-199112-064 December 1991 2 Stinger features a 1988 Scirocco 16V with 2.2L nitrous enhanced motor.  It's discretely hidden beneath a Zender Z-400 body kit, Compomotive wheels and yellow paint.
ec-199112-066 December 1991 2 Turbo-rroco features Aaron Braverman's low profile Scirocco with 180hp under the hood.
ec-199208-080 August 1992 3 Built To Spec features Eurospec Racings GT3 Scirocco.
ec-199209-032 September 1992 5 Texas Magnums features Randy Zand's 1982 Scirocco with 2.0L 16V motor, nitrous oxide, and Zender Z-400 body kit.
ec-199210-036 October 1992 5 A2 Turbo features a 1984 Scirocco with Callaway Stage II turbo, Kamei body kit, and BBS wheels.
ec-199211-062 November 1992 3 Obsessed features Sean Kunzli's 1981 Scirocco with Zender side skirts and spoiler, a modified Flotul spoiler, ATE wheels, and a modified Callaway Stage II turbo.
ec-199212-038 December 1992 3 2 of a kind features two Mk1 Sciroccos that took different routes to increased performance.  One is owned by the infamous Mike Potter of Virtual World Parts.
ec-199301-068 January 1993 5 Performance Palette features Jeff Fitzgerald's "Warholesque" 1979 Scirocco.
ec-199303-050 March 1993 2 Gale Force features Ken Weidmann Jr.'s Scirocco with BBS body kit, European bumpers and lights, custom paint, and Momo Aries wheels.
ec-199309-093 April 1993 2 Singular Scirocco features Rodney Paez's Scirocco with 2.0L 16V motor and  Zender Z-400 body kit.
ec-199306-138 June 1993 2 Reverie features Jeff Combs' 1985 Scirocco with BBS body kit, European bumpers and lights, and 2.0L 8V motor tweaked by Ron Woods of VW Specialties.
ec-199309-070 September 1993 4 Black and White features two Kamei equipped Sciroccos with full European styling and suspension upgrades.
ec-199309-088 September 1993 2 Privateer features Ron Woods (owner VW Specialties) 1976 rally Scirocco.
ec-199310-072 October 1993 2 Body By Reiger features Dean Sadoughian's 1988 Scirocco 16V with Reiger wide body kit.
ec-199401-074 January 1994 3 Arcic Wind features Joe Townsend's 1984 Scirocco known by the same name. With details from top to bottom, this was the best known Scirocco on the USA East Coast in it's day.
ec-199405-036 May 1994 2 The Persistence Of Memory features Ara Chantian's 1985 Scirocco with Zender body kit, European bumpers and headlights, custom grill, DP 15" 5-spoke wheels, and custom interior.
ec-199408-078 August 1994 4 Street Rats features Jeremy Wolf's Scirocco 16V built by Velocity Tuning. This 2.0L 16V is equipped with a full roll cage, 17" wheels, modified suspension, and Konig seats.
ec-199508-025 August 1995 1 '88 Reiger 'Rocco features Howard Montague's well known green Reiger.  This is probably one of the earliest "public" sightings.
ec-199509-024 September 1995 1 The Personals/1976 Scirocco features Andy Rodriguez's 1976 Scirocco with Zender body kit, and 16" TSW EVO wheels.
ec-199509-056 September 1995 4 Youth Injection features the installation of a G-60 motor in to a 1988 Scirocco.
ec-199603-062 March 1996 2 Rolf's Rocket features Rolf Meir's 1977 Scirocco uphill racer.
ec-199704-040 April 1997 4 Buyer's Guide: Volkswagen Scirocco 16V
ec-199704-044 April 1997 2 Project Scirocco 16V - Part 1
The Introduction for Project Scirocco.
ec-199708-040 August 1997 5 Project Scirocco 16V - Part 2
Ignition Modifications.
ec-199802-056 February 1998 2 Project Scirocco 16V - Part 3
Exhaust System Replacement.
ec-199803-032 March 1998 3 Project Scirocco 16V - Part 4
Brakes & Headlights.
ec-199808-184 August 1998 4 Project Scirocco 16V - Part 5
Suspension and Running Gear.
ec-199812-106 December 1998 3 Project Scirocco 16V - Part 6
Cam Install.
ec-200101-106 January 2001 3 Big Corrado brakes on the Scirocco 16V
ec-200102-102 February 2001 4 Reducing Sprung Weight with RPI's non-A/C Kit
ec-200111-132 November 2001 4 Wheels, Tires, and Reduced Unsprung Weight

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